Univers® Façades: the Choice of Transparency

Installux Aluminium over the years has developed an internationally recognized technical and design knowhow in the field of multi-purpose façade systems. The Univers® range includes structures with visible grid (exposed aluminium cover caps), continuous raster, and bonded clearance glazing, meeting all the technical needs, and designed from the beginning for easy installation (front fitting or progressive fitting/semi-unitized).

Installux Aluminium guarantees the compliance of its façade systems with the EU requirements (CE marking) and with the current standards.

Your Reasons to Choose the Installux Aluminium Univers® Façades

+ The possibility to meet all the technical constraints and requirements: structure with visible grid, continuous raster (two-sided), or bonded clearance glazing (four-sided);
+ Thermal efficiency, with one of the best heat transfer rates on the market;
+ Compliance with standards and CE marking;
+ A wide choice of finish and look.

Installux building Façades