Building according to Installux



With the scarceness of ground, the challenge of energy, the choice of materials, and the environmental footprint, the building sector faces many individual and collective problems:

+ Housing and living spaces as a whole face increasing expectations in terms of quality; thermal insulation and soundproofing are considered as important factors of health and therefore a major concern of the consumers, and hence the professionals.

+ Controlled use of water and energy, waste disposal, contribution of the construction to the harmony of the landscape, accessibility, all these aspects of a project must be considered from the early start in order to preserve the environment and to meet the requirements of sustainable development.

Installux Aluminium accompanies the evolutions of lifestyle with efficient solutions to design environment-integrated constructions, to imagine coherent architectures, and to combine originality with quality.

The Installux Aluminium systems for building façades and opening frames of non-residential buildings offer a wide choice of solutions for environment-preserving construction.

They are easy to assemble and have all the advantages of a resistant and environment-friendly material.

Le bâtiment vu par Installux