A Conservatory Solution for each Project

Whatever your technical or architectural aspirations, Installux Aluminium offers the widest and most versatile range of conservatories on the market. Installux Aluminium’s traditional Luciole® conservatory offer is comprehensive. It is composed of a T-rafter or tubular rafter roof and of a structure accepting the thermal-comfort opening frames of the 50TH & 26TH series.

Installux residential T-Rafter Roof Conservatory


Your Reasons to Choose Installux Aluminium’s Traditional Conservatory

+ Adaptability to any style and shape.
+ Great variety of options: roller shutters, windows, solid or glazed infills, roof windows, choice of colours.
+ Possibility of complex constructions with many facets and slopes up to 45°.
+ Many appropriate solutions (frames especially designed for load transfer).

Installux residential Valley Rafter Conservatory