Satellite®, a Comprehensive Line of Traditional or Contemporary Entrance Gates.

Installux Aluminium proposes the widest choice of gates on the market. With the integration of the operators in the post or stiles of swing, slide, or cantilever gates, Installux Aluminium’s Satellite® range offers a combination of simplicity and efficiency.

The Satellite® gates are suited for any kind of environment and allow you to meet all the tastes and requirements of your Clients: modern or traditional look, straight, curved, or eyebrow transoms, solid, openwork, or mixed infill, swing, slide, or cantilever gate.

Our various systems comply with the current European standards. They are mechanically assembled, which guarantees rigidity and simplified fabrication.

The Satellite® range enables you to propose to your Clients an overall project: entrance gate, side gate, and fence, designed as an aesthetically consistent whole.

Your Reasons to Choose Installux Aluminium’s Satellite® Gates and Fences

+ Integration of the operator into the stiles or posts preserving the aspect of the gate.
+ Choice of infills (solid, openwork, or mixed) and shapes (straight, curved, or eyebrow).
+ Easy fabrication and perfect rigidity thanks to mechanical assembly.
+ Adaptability to all types of grounds and layouts, even for large-sized projects.
+ Wide choice of colours and ornamental accessories allowing you to propose any type of custom fabrication.

The range of Installux Aluminium profiles and accessories for the fabrication of gates and fences originates in a concept making it possible to realise all kinds of standard or totally exclusive models.

The structure assembly is carried out by means of aluminium fixing plates and back stays. Two pass-through transoms of different heights give both sides of the gate the same aspect and facilitate the cutting of the uninterrupted balusters.

Traditional Models

The combination of balusters and infills with a variety of ornamental accessories makes it possible to propose many aesthetic options.

Total or partial opacity of the gates and fences can be achieved by using aluminium infills. These infills can either be inserted between balusters, or tongue-and-groove assembled. Glass and sheet aluminium are other possible infills. The possibility to mix these elements multiplies the number of available models.

Contemporary Models

In order to allow you to meet the evolving tastes and requirements of your Clients, Installux Aluminium has augmented its supply by a line of gates with a contemporary design. These gates combine broad infills, powdercoated perforated sheet aluminium, ornamental panels with lights, and stainless-steel inserts. Their look is resolutely modern, their creative possibilities endless. They have been designed with an obsession about faultless quality and finish.

Whereas sheet aluminium infills can be powdercoated in any colour, the available shade cart for ornamental panels is more limited. On the other hand these panels match the look to our front door panels, resulting in a perfect harmony of the front of the house..