Satellite® Guardrails, Safety & Elegance in every Application

The guardrail is a genuine element of protection and safety while opening the view on the outside.

Installux Aluminium proposes a comprehensive line of guardrails suited for both new build and renovation works. The mechanical assembly system allows for a wide choice of designs and infills in order to match contemporary trends.

The Satellite® range complies with the current European standards and makes it possible to design the appropriate guardrail for any situation.

Your Reasons to Choose Installux Aluminium’s Satellite® Guardrail

+ Easy fabrication thanks to mechanical assembly.
+ Tailor-made design with numerous possibilities of models, infills, and shapes of handrails and channels.
+ Flexibility to suit any situation.
+ Installux Aluminium’s unlimited choice of colours and finish.

With balusters, boards, or glazing, with solid or perforated sheet aluminium infill, the Satellite® guardrail complies with the European standards for any type of usage in private or public places.

The various models of handrails, channels, posts, bases, balusters, and infills allow for thorough customisation.

Concealed fasteners and powdercoated accessories make for a very clean look.

The system doesn’t require any punching; pre-machined accessories and profiles facilitate the fabrication.

Workshop-prepared infills and adjustable accessories simplify the installation on site.

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