Building according to Installux



Modern housing is expected to be increasingly agreeable, while using still less energy.

+ New build or renovation resulting in low-energy housing has become a priority: preservation of the environment and especially energy conservation are in the forefront of today’s concerns.

+ Comfort is in increasing demand; in urban areas, where the environment is often affected by noise and pollution, as well as rural areas, insulation becomes a crucial matter.

+ The modern way of life makes the house or the flat into a protective shelter where the traditional distinctions between the rooms don’t hold any longer. Everyone tries to create sunny and functional living spaces with a personal touch.

Installux Aluminium accompanies these evolutions of lifestyle with efficient solutions to conform to the requirements of LEB (low-energy building) or to design high-quality and harmonious house extensions corresponding to the taste of the inhabitants.

The Installux Aluminium solutions bring more comfort and more character to allow everyone to invent their own way of life.

The Installux Aluminium systems are easy to assemble and have all the advantages of a resistant and environment-friendly material.

L'habitat vu par Installux