Our mastery of aluminium is based upon strict quality control. For instance, all our technical data are subjected to certified tests carried out by our own teams and by independent organisms. The powdercoating of our profiles conforms to the specifications of the Qualicoat/Qualimarine label, thus guaranteeing perfect adhesion of the coating and stability of the colours.

InnovationInnovation, Our Central Ambition

In order to keep breaking new ground in our core business, we always have put innovation at the centre of our approach.

All year round the teams of our R&D Department and Test Centre work on our products in order to improve their energetic efficiency, their look, and their fabrication and installation methods. This know-how has allowed us to participate in remarkable projects requiring the combination of efficiency with sophistication.

This expertise we share and develop with our Clients, which we frequently include in our technical committees to confirm the relevance of our choices.

As far as suppliers are concerned, we have always favoured local and innovating SMEs: dynamic enterprises eager to break new ground, with which we are able to develop the products and technologies of the future.

DocumentationPrecise and accessible literature

Our expertise also stretches to the ergonomics and simplicity of our information and documentation system. From technical data sheet and fabrication drawings to design and quotation software, everything is processed with the greatest care, because we know that it is essential to provide the professionals with thorough, well structured, and easily accessible information.

In view of the working conditions on site or in the workshop, our technical documents stay available in printed form.

OutilsSoftware for productivity

We have always been in favour of electronic tools and software solutions. Because we are anxious to come up accurately to your requirements, we have decided on in-house development of our Phoebus program, appreciated for its reliability, simplicity, and efficiency.

Moreover Installux Aluminium has been among the first system designers to integrate their product databases into a 3D-CAD program named Cover.