Thermal-Break Doors and Windows for all Situations

Installux Aluminium’s 50 & 26 TH series of thermal-comfort opening frames are the coherent solution to meet all technical requirements and architectural styles.
With its versatility, sober appearance, and variety of finishings, this range is particularly suited for industrial buildings, schools, plant rooms, office buildings, façades, etc. And of course it avails of Installux Aluminium’s wide pallet of colours and accessories.

Your Reasons to Choose Installux Aluminium’s 50 & 26TH Series of Thermal-Comfort Doors and Windows

+ Great adaptability to any type of new building or renovation.
+ Great line depth with solutions for all architectural choices.
+ Wide choice of accessories, architraves, and glazing beads.

Installux habitat ouvrants confort 50th

Installux habitat ouvrants confort 50th