The most Innovating Look and Technique Worthy of your Finest Projects

Installux Aluminium’s 70 & 32TH range of high-performance doors and windows has especially been designed for new constructions and well-integrated renovation works. It is the ideal system to enhance the value of your most demanding projects.
This remarkable range will come up to all your expectations regarding large-size works, custom-built realizations, or sustainable building projects (French HEQ standard), and will allow you to design unique spaces.

Your Reasons to Choose Installux Aluminium’s 70 & 32TH Series of High-Performance Doors and Windows

+ Technical and aesthetic coherence allowing you to design or integrate perfectly consistent wholes.
+ Innovating and modern look with unlimited possibilities of customization.
+ 70-mm profiles with remarkable thermal and soundproofing qualities, complying with the current European standards.
+ Wide choice of finishings (colours, accessories, outside look, inside profiles) allowing for original high-quality realizations.

Installux habitat ouvrants 70TH

Installux habitat ouvrants 70TH